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    Hello Crackberry!

    This forum already helped me a couple of times just by lurking but now I have a more specific problem.
    I searched through a lot of threads about heating and battery problems, but I couldn't find one that addressed my issue directly.

    PRIV STV 100-4

    My Question is: I experience booting problems even after a complete reset and wipe. The phone is overheating and going into a boot loop. After a couple tries I managed to power it up normally but now it happened again.
    Could this be because I damaged something while replacing the buttons? Could it be that the thermal paste isn't attached probably anymore after repairing the phone? Should I maybe replace the paste? Or do you think a battery replacement could solve this issue? Or is everything useless? Right now it works. But who knows how long it will last.

    Here is the longer story with all the details:

    The POWERBUTTON on my priv STV 100-4 broke so I orderd a replacement but didn't install it until 3 Months later. So my PRIV was just lying around deactivated. I finally replaced the button part (you have to replace all 4 buttons because they come in one part) following a video manual which went smoothly.
    I powered up my phone and at first everything looked good but than my PRIV got super hot (it got hot before while using GPS in the sun but it just went into cool down mode.) Now it just switched off and went into rebooting but couldn't do it and just went into a boot loop while getting hot.

    Now fast forward another 4 months. I finally motivated myself to try to fix my PRIV. I fully charged it and switched the PRIV on. It directly went into a BOOT MODE screen with a yellow font telling me to reboot by pressing the power button for 15 seconds. But doing this just brought it into this BOOT MODE again. After some attempts to start it with POWER+VOLUME DOWN the Phone booted completely and suddenly was working fine! I wanted to restore it to factory settings via the menu option but everytime it wanted to reboot itself to wipe itself it just went to the BOOT MODE screen again. I was able to start it normally, I was also able accsess the green booting options with power+volumedown but when I choose fastboot it just rebooted again.

    I was able to wipe it completely with the STV100-4 autoloader form blackberry I activated while I was in the BOOT MODE screen with the yellow font. After the wipe/rest everything was good. I made a benchmark test AnTuTU Benchmark and the phone didn't overheat and stayed on. I kept it on the whole night with wifi connected, no sim card inside.

    This morning I connected the phone to a charger, it started charging but after some time got hot again and went into the same boot loop problem I had at the beginning. It is a different charger than the one I used prior to all the repairing and this quickcharge 3.0 charger was charging my replacement phone without a problem until now and still is. After trying some booting with POWER+VOLUMEDOWN I was able to boot it. Did a benchmark. Everything seems ok right now...

    See the question above.
    Thanks a lot!
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    05-14-19 05:57 AM
  2. towngirl's Avatar
    My phone did this (restart in a loop). I had to turn it off, charge on another charger. Usually happened in the car (with my BB charger).

    Love the priv but I don't miss all the problems I had with it.
    05-14-19 07:58 AM
  3. liddonfew's Avatar
    it seems from reading various posts and my own experience the power button s need to be clean.
    I have had huge success afte r this operation. Where unexpected shut down and boot loop issues are concerned.
    05-18-19 01:19 AM

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