1. Kenya_M's Avatar
    I need help with receiving and sending SMS-MMS in workspace contact .

    We use BES12.3 and Secure Work Space for our Priv on Bell Canada network
    everything work great exept SMS and MMS.

    When I receive SMS, it arrives in google messenger in my personal space, but all my contacts (Outlook) are in my SWS,
    so I never know who is sending them and I cannot send SMS-MMS directly from contact in SWS.

    I tried to secure the app "google messenger" from Google Play Store in BES12 and send it to SWS but it doesn't work.

    please don't suggest to transfer all my work contact to personal space.

    02-11-16 09:35 AM
  2. MrEvets's Avatar
    Mod can you move this to the BES 12 Forums...

    So what you are looking to do is share your work contacts with the personal side of your device. I understand your thinking about moving Google Messenger to the work side of your device but in this case it will not help because the app has to have a SWS wrapper added to it so it can be used in SWS

    What you want to do is look at your "IT Policy" applied to the user, look at the very bottom of the Android policy there should be an option for Work Connect Contacts and a drop down below it. What this policy does is allows the user to chose if they want to copy their work contacts to their Personal side of their device. It does not allow the personal side to edit work contacts but to see them so that SMS or MMS can label people properly or if the phone rings to show proper contact images or information. The options are:

    • Export to personal address book - Forces the setting on
    • Do not export to personal address book - Prevents the setting form being turned on
    • Allow user to configure - Lets the user decide what they want to do

    If you force the user to do this then there is nothing you need to do and it will happen by default. if you set it to NO then obviously they cant do it, if you set it to "Allow user to configure" then the user can go into their settings inside Work Connect and check a box that says "Export to personal address book" it is a buried setting so some propel like to just force it on that way the user never has to look for it but we like giving the user the choice.

    If you do this is should solve your problem:

    PRIV- BES12.3- SecureWorkSpace-SMS contact in SWS-capture.png

    P.S. If you use Android for Work it is more like the old way BB10 did things, both personal and work contacts will show up in the same contacts app and you can edit and modify them in the same app.
    02-11-16 11:54 AM
  3. Kenya_M's Avatar

    Thanks for your help, my problem is by doing this "Export to personal address book"
    toy apps can now read our work contact (Skype etc...) and add them to their contact.
    and we do not want this.

    I am working on setting up Android for work as we speak. I hope it will behave as you say more like OS 10.
    So I might forget about SWS.
    02-11-16 02:24 PM
  4. MrEvets's Avatar
    yeah it is why we decided to go with SWS its more of a feeling of being at home when you are used to BB10. Also the HUB can have both personal email and work email in it. I have a FQA for AFW on here as well that has all the links and stuff to do for AFW
    02-11-16 02:27 PM

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