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    I am a Passport user, but a few weeks ago a took my Z10 on holiday. When I returned some friends inquired about the phone I had; so I let them play with it. One of them could not believe the Z10 was from early 2013, as it operated much faster en smoother than his Galaxy S5, side to side.
    He was absolutely shocked when I told him the Z10 had the same SOC as the Galaxy S3.

    Android was once developed to be a cheap BlackBerry knockoff;
    Priv on android will always suck for BB10 users-android-prototype.jpg

    But they kept adding stuff on top; this is why audio latency is in the 100s of ms, keypresses often don't register, no matter how many cores, GB's of ram or how high the android version is. Look at a person operating an android phone for 60seconds and you always will see stutter, or lag.

    In contrast; BB10 was built from the ground up to deliver a fast, fluid and solid user experience.

    The Priv has great hardware, but it's severely crippled by android.
    Original Android users will never notice it, but for me, a BB10 power user, I can never use android without severe irritation or headaches. Even at 6.0; android still has lag creeping up, keyboard sometimes behind 1 or 2 keystrokes and so on.

    I am not even taking into account the BB10 user experience; the hub, or switching to an app within 1 swipe and screen press, no lag, and so on.
    I hope the Priv is a succes, but I would be devastated if BB10 is ended, as it's the superior OS in every way.
    So yeah, Priv on android will always suck, IMO, no matter how good the camera, screen or processor is
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    11-08-15 04:05 AM

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