View Poll Results: BlackBerry Android vs BB10 Sales

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  • Less per quarter than BB10

    11 26.83%
  • Same (+/- 100K) per quarter as BB10

    6 14.63%
  • More per quarter than BB10

    15 36.59%
  • Double or more per quarter than BB10

    9 21.95%
10-21-15 01:18 PM
103 ... 345
  1. Plazmic Flame's Avatar
    Hmmm, let's see....

    - Apps... CHECK
    - Carrier support... CHECK
    - Marketing... CHECK
    - Consumer interest higher than any BB10 device ever, especially consumers on other platforms... CHECK

    Given all the factors in favor for this device compared to other devices before it, I think the PRIV is going to absolutely kill the numbers and do waaaaay better than BB10 ever did. Chen & Co. are gonna look like rockstars.
    10-20-15 10:36 PM
  2. theboogeyman's Avatar
    OK. Time for predictions on the amount of sales in terms of units sold per quarter of the Priv and future Android phones. Has BlackBerry got a winner or did they just replace one niche phone with another?
    BB will say the same lie like the one with the passport "sold out of the 200K initial units". To me it will only sell few hundred thousands
    10-21-15 01:07 PM
  3. theboogeyman's Avatar
    The LG G4 (full screen Android slab without PKB, based on the same SoC and with a similarly-sized screen, but less expensive) has great reviews and is selling at around 2.5 million devices per quarter. The Samsung Galaxy line sells at 10 times that.

    The problem with Android: its a commodity now, even on high end devices, and to a large degree, "Samsung = Android".

    But the Slider has a serious competitive avantage with the Keyboard (the security stuff will tip the scales for some, but not many).

    I predict that BB will sell more than the 5 million devices they need to in the first calendar year: lots will be on subsidy where the user will only have to pay $200 or $300 on a 2 year contract.

    I have to say this in every post: Android devices WITH physical home buttons sell better than ones without, year after year, despite Google's efforts to design the "navigation buttons" into the on-screen UX, people want a physical button to hammer when they get flustered so they can get back to the home screen. If BlackBerry wants to SUCCEED in handset sales, they'll get out of their "no physical buttons" ivory tower and put a damn home button on an Android device and see what happens. I predict what would be happen would be "improved sales".
    and the problem with Blackberry is its name with it is synonym with old, unreliable, and freezing os.
    10-21-15 01:18 PM
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