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    So now have had the Priv for four days and the biggest confusing thing to me coming from a PPSE is how much I enjoy the Priv compared to how much I THOUGHT I would enjoy the Priv. The original plan was to use it as a backup phone however I just said screw it and set up my work stuff and play stuff and haven't looked back. Keep in mind I have used an android before so I wasn't a a complete dumbass. Comments:

    - Battery Life - Yeah it could be better but it's not so bad if you have a half a brain and follow a lot of the help posted here and turn off certain things and avoid others. (Notably don't install viber or the facebook apps which to some might be a deal breaker but anyway)

    - Hub - It's fine for me with 1 work, two gmails and BBM, whatsapp and texts and calls. I don't miss not having facebook or twitter or linkedin in there as I can check those through Metal (a lot better on your battery) so now that they are not there it just simply doesn't matter. Perhaps a deal breaker for some. Yeah I get some notifications in both areas for text / what's app but it's minor and and doesn't affect me too much. Yeah I still find myself jamming the swipe to left to get the hub but it's an app. I assigned it to long press H and of course it's an icon and it's fine not perfect but oh well. Also not sure if anyone noticed but the coloring thing is done a bit better on the hub here more prominent

    -Apps - Can finally use a lot of the ones that worked half *** on my BBOS10 devices. Skype for Business, Uber and a few others. It's a great experience to be able to do that. This is great.

    -Keyboard - I like being able to switch between both. If i an cramped in a taxi and need to type I can use onscreen if i am cozy I can use hardware. It's a great mix. Sure I miss the big huge passport keyboard but I am getting comfortable on the Priv. Just takes a bit of time and patience.

    -Calendar - Its OK workable perhaps a bit less "sophisticated" as the BBOS one but I am sure they will improve it. I have missed zero meetings and have had major problems with it at this point.

    Do I miss my PPSE. Sure it's a workhorse and easy to maneuver and smooth but the trumpcard is I can install android apps I enjoy and use everyday that work great and it's worth the tradeoff.

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    02-24-16 02:22 PM

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