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    During yesterday's earnings call, Chen was asked about the future of BB10. His answer suggests that BlackBerry may upgrade at least some legacy devices to Android.

    Chen said that if Android is accepted by government and enterprise that those businesses could be "merged into" Android. The other alternative is that the legacy devices could be "replaced."

    By merging, as opposed to replacing, he may mean upgrading existing devices to run Android.

    Of course, this is speculative but it is consistent with what Chen said. We also know that BlackBerry has Android working on Passport already, so we know it is possible.

    People have said that BlackBerry is concerned only with selling new devices and for that reason there would be no OS migration. But that reasoning overlooks a valid business reason that BlackBerry would do it: to keep governments and enterprises in the fold. Those entities made investments in BB10 and BlackBerry would want to protect those investments to keep the relationships solid.

    This is what he said:

    Possible Upgrade Path For BB10?-img_20150926_092225.png

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    Chen's command of English leads to a lot of speculation about what he actually means.

    Classic upgrade path? I just don't see it.

    Passport? Maybe. We've seen the Oslo. Another question is why did they build an Oslo to test Android, and not just use an existing Passport device? I'm not sure.

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    you are everywhere conite

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