1. CarstenF's Avatar
    I get confused with the shift key position. On the on screen keyboard and my pc it's to the left and of z (y actually on my international version).

    On the physical keyboard it is swapped I. I presume it was always like that on BlackBerry?

    It would be great if it could be swapped - in German every third word is in capitals.
    12-14-16 10:05 AM
  2. Mirko935's Avatar
    You'll get used to it. It was weird for me too at first, but after using it for some time I stopped mistaking them.

    Btw, you can write a capital letter by holding the key pressed for half a second or so so you don't have to use shift.
    FF22 likes this.
    12-14-16 01:09 PM
  3. CarstenF's Avatar
    Thanks - 'll try the longpress
    12-15-16 05:03 PM

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