View Poll Results: Which device are you going to replace with the PRIV?

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  • Bold

    0 0%
  • Q10

    10 11.76%
  • Z10

    17 20.00%
  • Z3

    1 1.18%
  • Z30

    14 16.47%
  • Classic

    7 8.24%
  • Passport / Passport SE

    12 14.12%
  • Other BlackBerry

    0 0%
  • Other Android

    20 23.53%
  • Other Apple

    4 4.71%
  1. blackberry z10's Avatar
    My Z10

     Posted via my BlackBerry Z10 
    11-03-15 07:53 AM
  2. Rotkaeqpchen's Avatar
    You forgot to add Other WM
    Your right, sorry!

    Posted via CB10
    11-03-15 07:54 AM
  3. piquepoc's Avatar
    My lovely Z10, but not sure
    11-03-15 07:57 AM
  4. 007Storm's Avatar
    If I do change it'll be replacing my z10. But will be a drastic size jump from what I see. I believe the priv is the same size as the iPhone 6 plus.
    Debating if I should get an iPhone but if I did no way I'd get the plus sized one. Therefore I'm still on the fence.


    Posted via CB10
    Jakob Greve likes this.
    11-03-15 08:00 AM
  5. John Doe99's Avatar
    9900 -> Q10 -> Priv!


    Passport was too damn wide (yeah, I know, I know - I'm one of those phones and laptops only people, no tablets etc)
    11-03-15 08:35 AM
  6. alexsurpra's Avatar
    I already own an blackberry passport.which I feel very hard to let go,but it will replace my note 2 which I have been using for the past 4 years.

    Posted via CB10
    11-03-15 08:55 AM
  7. Lacuna_a_x's Avatar
    I'm replacing the Passport

    Posted via CB10
    11-03-15 09:06 AM
  8. nosmartphoneyet's Avatar

    Posted via CB10
    11-03-15 09:07 AM
  9. B_Rad BurnZ's Avatar
    HTC M8
    11-03-15 09:09 AM
  10. laid-back's Avatar
    the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2X if i do it that it will be like going from 20 horse power steam engine to a 560 hp twin turbo engine
    11-03-15 10:37 AM
  11. frisco49ers's Avatar
    Replacing a Z30

    Posted via CB10
    11-03-15 11:06 AM
  12. Deanig_12's Avatar
    Awful iphone and android!
    11-03-15 11:09 AM
  13. Chris Degroote's Avatar
    Ordered a iPhone 6s 64 gb. Keep my passport. I hate android OS.

    Posted via CB10
    11-03-15 11:13 AM
  14. Shoryuken's Avatar
    Blackberry Classic... I'm tired of carrying around an android for games and my Classic for just about everything else...

    Posted via CB10
    11-03-15 11:24 AM
  15. totaldynamic's Avatar
    Upgrading from my absolute work horse of a Z10! Will be sad to see it go!
    11-03-15 11:26 AM
  16. AZN's Avatar
    I won't be replacing anything. I'll continue to use my Passport and Classic in rotation with the Priv. The Priv will be the daily driver but I love my Passport and Classic to outright replace either of them.

    Sent from my  ClassicSQC100-4/
    11-03-15 11:29 AM
  17. blel's Avatar
    I have an unlocked Z30 that I'll keep as my spare, and my wife has her almost 3 year old Z10 up for replacement!

    Posted via CB10
    11-03-15 11:39 AM
  18. DavideaNY's Avatar
    Q10 and I cannot wait to get a big screen.
    It is going to be WAAAAY bigger! Lol enjoy!

    Posted via CB10
    11-03-15 11:39 AM
  19. DavideaNY's Avatar
    For now I am shadowing, not replacing, my Passport SE. For the first week, at least I would use both simultaneously keeping my main line into the Passport. Once I feel "confident and proficient" enough with the Priv I will pull the plug and transfer everything into the Priv. Hopefully this will ease the transition...

    ... or (most likely) it will happen day one after the first keyboard slide.. let's PRIV ON!!!!

    Posted via CB10
    11-03-15 11:44 AM
  20. joeldf's Avatar
    Z10 that has been great for me for over two years.

    But, I can't wait to see what it's like to have a phone with a battery that lasts a whole day without having to charge it up before 3 pm.

    Posted via CB10
    007Storm likes this.
    11-03-15 11:47 AM
  21. mleitman's Avatar
    Moto X 2014
    11-03-15 11:48 AM
  22. Josh Garrow's Avatar
    BlackBerry z30

    Posted via CB10
    11-03-15 11:49 AM
  23. bbvj's Avatar
    My husband wants it to replace his Q10. I'm thinking about it to replace my Z30....still thinking......

    Posted via CB10
    11-03-15 12:00 PM
  24. LaMach's Avatar
    Z10. Couldn't kill it.

    Posted via CB10
    11-03-15 12:19 PM
  25. Sleepy_ER_Dr's Avatar
    Blackberry Q10
    11-03-15 12:21 PM
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