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    I am and have been a mobile technology addict for 10 years. Admitting you have a problem is always the first step.
    It all started for me back in 2005 with the newest and most advanced Motorola Razr. Ever since I have been enamored by the technology that is put into these tiny computers we call phones.

    Once a year I carry an iPhone in my pocket for 4-6 months, generally on a non "S" cycle I may stretch it a little further. It works well with my Apple TV, massive iTunes library of movies and music and syncs perfectly with my girlfriends Apple devices with family sharing. My Apple devices always work, always have that app but grow cold and lack the extra personalization that makes these devices connect with our day to day lives.

    Once a year I carry the obscure, maybe a Blackberry device that reminds me of the pure joy that was my Bold 9000/9900. Constantly wishing I could be as happy as I once was with ultra portable and small 9900, at one point I even carried an extra 9900 battery in my wallet, boy were they small. Sometimes the obscure device is a Windows phone with all the pleasures of a simple and fluid OS paired with an excellent Nokia camera. The one that got away from me was the Nokia 1020 having never had the opportunity to own one. In the end I'm always missing something and it is almost always an app.

    Multiple times a year I carry an Android device. The sheer innovation and differences between devices and manufactures is enough to keep me coming back over the course of the year. I usually own the latest Nexus and one of the years Galaxy releases (Note or S series). Some devices have "hooked me" in the past such as the Note 3 which I carried for 3 months, WOW was that battery life incredible. This year it was the Galaxy S6 and the Nexus 6. At some point I always grow tired of something with Android.. The "skins", bloatware, SLOW updates or the device itself.


    Right now the phone is my pocket is the Blackberry Priv and below is my quick recount of where it stands tall and where it falls a little short..

    Screen - Sharp, bright, beautiful. Although a hair under this year's Galaxy S6 this is a major improvement over the Note 4 and Galaxy S5 of last year and provides no negatives to my eyes.

    Semi-pure Android - Google has done it best for awhile, although some skins can add great features these usually are outweighed by the annoyances. Blackberry kept it simple and added only useful additions such as the HUB and the BB10 VKB which leaves android alone to do it's job.

    Speed - Yes there are some hiccups occasionally but this device is far more fluid in many ways than even my Nexus 6 was and the RAM management makes the S6 look sad and dated.

    Overall build quality - Slider is solid but honestly the grippy back? Unbelievably comfortable after the slippery S6 and iPhone 6.

    Physical Keyboard for - For me this is the biggest plus. I am a HUGE PKB fan and although it isn't the best blackberry has put out it is remarkable what they could do while keeping the device so slim and attractive. I'm actually typing on it right now..

    Honestly I struggle to find any specific flaw to Blackberrys version of Android and the Priv hardware that is unique. Yes the camera could have process faster and the phone does get warm but both of these are still improvements over many android phones I have owned in the past.


    Blackberrys take on Android is a fantastic version that doesn't clutter the OS and adds only useful and welcome additions. If you yourself are not enjoying the Priv then surely do not rush out and purchase an S6 or Note 5 because it's not the Priv that's the problem.. It's Android as a whole.
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