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    The one on 7th and 34th has one in the back. Was actually really impressed coming from a passport (and a q10 and then about 10 years of bbos devices prior). So been pretty much on blackberry since 2003.

    I must say I really was impressed with the device. Android seems a little clunky, but not a horror show by any means. Less painfull than when I'm handed an ios device (I've been an osx enthusiast since before 10.1, but ios is the most painful os iv ever used).

    2 things tho:

    1) The friendly sales dude said he thought the device was cool! But not one had sold from this store in the week they have had it. But he said that's normal, because only iphones and samsungs sell. He pointed me to an LG he said was amazing but hasn't sold at all.

    2) the LG device he mentioned (can't recall model, but brand new) and the newest flagship samsung (s6 and that edge thing) were both really impressive hardware wise. Like as slick or nicer than an iPhone. Most of the other android phones seemed like an older iPhone. But damn, everything seemed the same. The new LG and samsung and iPhone definitely seemed the most advanced in terms of construction and speed.

    Priv seemed about as fast to use as the new LG and samsung, but didn't feel quite on the same lever in hand. That being said, I want a physical keyboard and the privs seemed good. Sliding mechanism feels good. Weight felt good. Getting tired of the og passport width honestly. Priv felt better in hand. I'll prolly buy one unlocked if there is a sale this year... or wait a little while.
    It's possible this could be a good transition device for me away from the keyboard... but I do think BlackBerry is dead in the world of slab androids. There isn't too much too offer better than what exists. So I get their keyboard focus on android.

    Interesting times... I could see BlackBerry becoming one of the couple higherend android brands if they play their cards right and make the keyboard relevant in marshmellow. A lot more to do to make that possible tho.

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    11-16-15 10:49 PM
  2. FirstBerry101's Avatar
    I agree the feel of the priv is off, it is a little clunky and creaks. The phone is cool but I am looking forward to the priv 2.0

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    11-16-15 11:02 PM
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    The guy must be an ***** or a bad salesman, because AT&T stores have been selling out like crazy. I am also in NYC, and I can tell you that while you see phone available online and confirm it with a call, as soon as you arrive without preorder, someone is buying it in front of you. I've had an AT&T variant for a bit over a week now, while AT&T is the ****ty part of the phone, the rest does pretty well.

    Is it in the level of iPhone and Samsung? No. It's a bit short of LG level. Speaker is weak, main camera is okay, front camera needs major update. Phone works fast, but when too many apps open, it lags. I took 3 shots today, Priv, Note 5, and iPhone 6 Plus, and out of all iPhone did the best with picture quality.

    One thing this phone does that no other, is when you use a keyboard, the whole screen is available, unlike half of it is covered with touch keyboard on a screen.

    I think Priv is perfect for professionals, for those that don't care about camera specs, or how loud the speaker is, because I don't think that Priv was designed for that purpose. I'm into technology, and I am really enjoying Priv. Passport I did not like, even after getting most of Google on it.
    11-16-15 11:05 PM
  4. fop518's Avatar
    Well he seemed pretty informed on the device, I kind of assumed he was right. The previous person who talked to me at the store was a woman who asked me what I was doing when I was playing with the device for a while and realized it wasn't charging anymore. I was fiddling with the antitheft attachment to find the charging point on it... and she came up clearly assuming I was trying to steal it or something.

    The guy I mainly interacted with realized what was happening and intercepted deftly when I said, I'm looking at the new blackberry etc etc. So he honestly saved the store from a post about how ****ty that store is!

    Anyways, having not seen any android flagships inperson (as might be in ur case, my nyc social scene is all iphone) I was kinda impressed with the samsung and LG flagships in hand. I liked holding them more than an iPhone for sure. And android is way more me than ios.

    The priv didn't seem horrible in comparison, but not quite the build quality. It does have a frickin slider keyboard in it... so that's rad. A real differentiator!
    But I didn't see att in manhattan pushing it. I'll check the times sqr store tomorrow since I'm working in herald square for a while. The one near there did at least have it setup with the passport and classic.

    I do think if BlackBerry gets the word out, this phone has a market. It's about as good as an android flagship 8 months ago and it has a frickin keyboard that is more decent than ppl have mentioned. I had no issue typing on it and can imagine having slightly less fatigue on it than my passport. And I'm 6'3 and wear a us size 12 shoe. I'm not small, but og passport isn't ergonomic at all. Passport se did feel better in hand.

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    11-16-15 11:30 PM
  5. MelCali82's Avatar
    im guessing it was the LG V10?

    As for the creaking and movement of the priv, that's the main reason I'm holding back on purchasing one. I'm ocd about that stuff but it's not limited to the priv

    I've had a bunch of the older Android sliders and no matter the build quility, they always creaked or had some kind of play within the sliding mechanism. They held up fine over time but that stuff just bothers me.
    11-17-15 01:14 AM
  6. fop518's Avatar
    Yup that was the LG. Slick phone.

    Priv didn't creak much in hand. Felt pretty solid. Just felt a lot bulkier than the other android flagships. Almost like holding an iphone4 in one hand and an iPhone 6 in the other (too make a painful analogy)

    I do think they can push it because of the keyboard. I'm sure 5% or more of the highend android users would want a keyboard. A lot of those users are older and came up with bbos.

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    11-17-15 08:45 AM
  7. girinath's Avatar
    I haven't used the priv but I agree with you, the S6 & I phone 6s looks really nice and well built. Hope BlackBerry make such a device next device with better front camera, speakers and lag free..

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    11-17-15 09:14 AM
  8. nyq83's Avatar
    Let's now forget how when iPhone 6 came out and everyone complained about too thin and bending, blah blah. Making Priv too thin, puts it at some risk. Make it metal and the weight will double. I personally think the phone has a very nice size and weight to it. Wish it looked a little bit up to the current standard rather than similar to their last slide out keyboard torch. They can definitely keep the same size and thin out bezels. I love back plastic, very grippy. I wish they followed sidekick type of layout, in which the keyboard was able to slide out from the side. Current keyboard is okay, but it does hurt my fingers after typing for a while. With they utilized original blackberry bold keyboard.
    As far as s6, I own Note 5, much better size than form factor of S6.
    11-17-15 10:16 PM
  9. FirstBerry101's Avatar
    Still love my priv. Wish it ran bb10 and had all the android apps. Flying away on the keyboard now. I have had it since launch day.

    It does creak a lot, hoping a case will fix that.

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    11-19-15 11:36 AM

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