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    I have had this problem now on two Priv's now.

    The physical keyboard will get better but right now mine has an issue when using it's used as a scrolling tool. My biggest problem with the scrolling is while within an email from when scrolling the email will usually within a few flicks of scrolling within the email it will launch the chrome browser to take me to the Web version of the topic. This happens on every single email where I've tried to scroll very slowly with the pkb to quickly with the same result. I believe this is an issue with the interaction between the scrolling of the pkb and the hub email as I have tried this with the Blue email app and the pkb scrolling doesn't launch the chrome browser at all.

    Hoping a future update will fix this as I used the scrolling feature a lot on the passport and the Priv as well and found ind it a very useful tool.

    Anyone else have this issue, as I'm hoping that BlackBerry makes a fix for it soon.
    12-11-15 07:53 AM

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