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    Thought I'd weigh in with my thoughts on the Priv after having used it a week. This is not a review, per se, rather just my overarching thoughts on what BB has done and how good a phone this might (or might not) be.

    As per the title, I am a bit of an OS agnostic (other than a deep dislike and disdain for Apple). First smartphone I had was a corporate 7130e followed by a Pearl for personal use. I then switched employers with a BYOD arrangement (and a reasonable monthly reimbursement) and have used the following: BB Bold, BB Torch, Galaxy SII, Galaxy S3, Lumia 920, Lumia 1020, LG G3 and now the Priv. Of that list, before the Priv, the best phone (by a significant margin) was the 1020 running WP8.1. I had no compelling need to play with BB10 because of how phenomenal an OS WP8.1 is/was. Necessary apps and car audio integration forced me back to Android, but from a user experience WP8.1 was an absolute killer OS and married to great hardware with the 1020.

    So, how do I feel about the Priv? Pretty good. This phone is a definite improvement on the G3 and BB has done some nice things.

    1. It is so nice to not have to charge my phone midday or carry a battery pack with me.
    2. The trackpad keyboard is brilliant. So nice to read on a phone without accidentally clicking links or overscrolling.
    3. The Hub is a nice aggregator (although I keep my corporate email on a separate app (Nine) because my corporate exchange security policies don't allow for Picture screen lock or SmartLock if secured at the device level ... Nine allows security at the application level which does mean I need a PIN for email but that's a compromise I was making on the G3 as well so it's not a big deal to me).
    4. The phone feels like a premium phone. I do not feel like I've downgraded at all from the G3.
    5. Although technically a lower spec display than the G3 I actually find it richer and more vibrant. It's a very good display.
    6. BT Audio Quality is superb. Better than the G3 and much better than the 1020. This is a big one for me as I listen to internet radio and/or Spotify in the car on my commute and better is always better!

    I do, however, have some criticisms. I am actually not a fan of the BB Launcher. I like the pop-up widgets, but overall the BB Launcher could use some more customization. I am a huge fan of Action Launcher 3 and the phone is so much more useful and more UI friendly running AL3. I do get how close to stock Android the BB Launcher is, I just don't like the stock experience (and never liked the Google Now Launcher on my G3). My biggest gripe is the actual placement of the physical buttons. The volume buttons are too easy to hit when picking up the phone, changing my profile when I don't want to. The power button is equally poorly place in that you cannot pick up the phone across it's body at the point where the buttons are without changing your sound profile. The buttons should not be as close to mid-body as they are. The one thing that LG did with the G3 that was brilliant was the buttons on the back.

    And then, there's the PKB. It is taking some getting used to using one again, but ultimately it provides for quicker email which is important from a business perspective. It's a distinguishing factor and one that no other manufacturer does (and if they did would pale next to BB).

    Again, those are my thumbnailed thoughts!
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    11-18-15 04:20 PM

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