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  1. MaxOtto's Avatar
    When I open an email that is always larger than the display.
    After a double tap, it is even larger
    After another double-tap they adjuststo the display
    I find no setting option that i can equal adapts to the display
    Does anyone have any solution ?
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    03-24-16 06:18 AM
  2. WT44's Avatar
    Yes, I agree with you.There should have been an option within the hub under settings>general settings to have E-mails (mostly these newsletters which I get tons of every day on one of my E-mail accounts) automatically resize to display size like other phones do without problems. Unlike you, I can't even double tap and re-double tap as newsletters are clickable and thus open up the browser. I have to pinch to resize the E-mail to the display size all the time. And yes, you're right, it gets boring. Funny that under "general settings" it says in smaller font: " Customize Display and Action Settings" and then realizing that it can't be done.
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    03-24-16 07:12 AM
  3. Brulging_Jersey's Avatar
    Major oversight in the creation of the Hub. It is missing the feature to automatically scale emails to fit which essentially every other email app has.

    Let's not forget how there's no spell check either.

    At least BlackBerry isn't know for email productivity.

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    03-24-16 07:43 AM

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