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    The 6p is better in almost every way. It has a better CPU, better graphics, and a much, much better front camera for video conferencing or selfies. The Priv has a good back camera, but the 6p may be better in low-light and faster with laser-autofocus.

    Android users shouldn't buy the Priv.

    BlackBerry users should consider the Apple iPhone 6s if they want the best app ecosystem, better security than the Priv, and a surprising number of BB10 features and fluidity.

    BlackBerry users should consider the Lumia 950XL if they want the best core features in mobile. Best camera, best phone, good email, etc. Bonus for innovative stuff like continuum.

    No one should buy the Priv for $699. But, those who hate the idea of BlackBerry being a mobile platform and love John Chen should buy it and then go walk into traffic or something... ;-)

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    Car full of clowns.

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