10-30-15 06:22 AM
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    Not to be negative here but read the terms of the blackberry id.

    To sum it up you only are secure if you are disconnected.

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    10-30-15 05:18 AM
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    Google doesn't give a **** about any of you

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    10-30-15 05:50 AM
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    As I said, if you don't like someone looking at your data, don't go on the grid, period.
    Agree....correct, that would probably work to some extend, at least here in the USA the word privacy means pretty much nothing when you think of it, this is a well established republic in which every citizen is a number (social security), then there are 3 credit bureaus that know pretty much everything about you from the get go and even when you are doing something as simple as say getting a job they come into play, now like if that wasn't enough you have to pay taxes to an agency which we all know that knows everything about you and when they seem to be missing your new beach house remodelation they would go into Facebook to see you braging about it if you were or just use Google maps or earth to see it on line, they have the capability to put you in jail in a heartbeat if you refuse to pay for a forced ineffective healthcare plan which is enforced by them and which also requires for you to provide extensive personal information to your doctor which is obviously regulated by them. Then there are the cameras in every corner, the cell towers, automatic vehicle license tag constantly photographing, smart electricity meters in your house, every credit card transaction record among many others and the list goes on and on and on.......so am I getting paranoid enough ? what privacy are we talking about ?

    This is the times that we are living in, don't get me wrong I do value my privacy but that's something you need to be pretty smart and crafty about like it has been mentioned here in previous posts. I can help but remember the good old days when information was a commodity, nowadays......well....
    10-30-15 05:59 AM
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    To sum it up you only are secure if you are disconnected.
    This often repeated sentence is a bit flat headed. It means, because we can never have absolute and total privacy we also don't need to do anything. This is also a thought of snugness, don't wake me up, I'm sleeping.

    In my opinion everyone can do a lot to construct his own level of privancy. Of course you can't successfully fight everything and everyone who attacks your data, but you can indeed make it much harder for those guys. And many of them, especially data collectors for commercial reasons will calculate costs and benefits very well. It is also a major difference if someone does indeed active steps to steal data on your device or if your dumb device himself broadcasts all your data to everyone again and again and again. I assume 90% of all collected data take the latter (!) way. It's up to you to suppress at least this, and BBs are not bad in doing that.
    10-30-15 06:05 AM
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    It's ok with them! If it's ok with you, then it's really OK.

    I think people do over react about the whole move to Android being a huge sacrifice in privacy. I use Google Chrome, Facebook, etc, from my home computer and I know that these companies and others have a ton of data on me already. I can see it when I search for something on Amazon and then subsequent websites that I visit have ads directed towards exactly what it was I was just searching for.

    I don't want people spying on me and my family. I don't want people peeping through our personal things. I try to limit what I do and share on the internet, in that way. Otherwise, if I'm the one that put it on the internet, it's fair game for the data miners to go to town with. That's how it works. Doesn't matter what OS you use, you willingly give the big Internet "gatherers of information" your consent just by using the Internet the way that you currently do.

    This is the world we live in. I'm not too concerned anyway. Most of us aren't famous enough for anyone who COULD hack naked selfies of us to have any interest in going through the effort. If you're some kind of celebrity, you should be very careful what you do and put onto the internet. Otherwise, most people probably couldn't care less what you do. They just wanna make a few extra cents from your data.
    Why do you think people are overreacting. Yes, I use Google Chrome, I use an Google account etc... but... I was able to use Google maps on my Z10 but after I installed Google play I need to have the Google services in order to use Google maps. Google services needs a lot of permissions that doesn't have anything to do with my Google account. So I agree that Google should know everything I do when I use my Google account, but when it is about my personal life.... and do not forget, our smartphone is the device that we use for everything we do.

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    10-30-15 06:22 AM
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