12-07-18 12:12 PM
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  1. Rico4you's Avatar
    I was wondering which device you would keep as a back up to your KEY2. But of course, it has to be the PRIV! I would do the same.
    Exactly. No doubt PRIV.
    08-02-18 06:41 PM
  2. MrN0d's Avatar
    is it too late now in mid 2018 to get myself a Priv?
    08-02-18 09:40 PM
  3. Rico4you's Avatar
    is it too late now in mid 2018 to get myself a Priv?
    You can pick PRIV one up at a good price I seem them on Amazon for example. Remember though NO more updates beyond Nougat for OS. Works fine.

    You also have good deals on KEYone so the choice is yours.
    08-03-18 02:16 AM
  4. RLeeSimon's Avatar
    Its been about 3 weeks since I received my priv and so far im loving it. Im getting about 4 hours of screen on time. The only problem im having is that t-mobile will not unlock my device. Even though its paid off and i havent been able to buy an unlock code
    Wipe it, return it, get one elsewhere unlocked from the get-go... a good device if you limit your demands as far as lots of added apps that will get you into lag & heat & such…
    08-19-18 04:00 PM
  5. tartacutza's Avatar
    Enjoy your PRIV. Using mine 2yrs and works perfectly fine. Will alongside KEY2 on the way.
    Hi, got my Priv it's been almost two years already. My Priv Stv100-4 has a dark secret: it has no radio and no wireless charging capability.
    In all other respects, an amazing phone! Love it
    08-25-18 04:35 AM
  6. zabalestmsm's Avatar
    Got it for 190$, almost 10/10 condition. What a beauty. How did I miss this way back in 2015? I have bought it as a backup, with my iPhone X as my daily driver. No heating issues so far. Battery is good. The design and display are beautiful. Blackberry should discontinue the not so impressive designs of the Key series, and work on making a Priv 2, as it would be the real deal.
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    09-03-18 11:49 AM
  7. Czos Sosnkowy's Avatar
    First of all, greetings from Poland everyone!
    I've been spying this forum for a while now, but just now became a part of Blackberry family.

    Got mine stv100-4 3 days ago. I fell in love with Priv since I first saw it and it was my dream to get it some day. I used 3" Xperia Mango untill now, so it literally is a HUGE change for me.

    I write a lot mainly in Polish an Japanese so the best change is that I don't have to download any app to use those languages - which became pretty impossible with my outdated Mango (Well, I guess it works for all the new phones, but I don't want to hear about phones without physical keyboard, so it still counts! xD)

    I worried about battery life. I've read a lot of bad opinions about it. But I'm positively surprised, because it lasts 2-2,5 days for me. Nice result since it's a used phone.

    The only thing I really miss in Priv is a lack of strap hole, because I love to put tons of straps on every device I have (Yes, I'm a woman xD). But I'll figure something out.

    Don't really care about specs and stuff.

    I hope I get used to its size and may it live long! ♥

    Small comparison

    Official "I got my Priv" thread!-mangovspriv.jpg


    PS. If anyone is interested in the prices here, it's ~2000zł (~542 USD) for new. I got used one 9/10 condition for 399zł (~108 USD)
    Last edited by Czos Sosnkowy; 09-29-18 at 08:18 AM.
    09-29-18 07:46 AM
  8. Gerard62100's Avatar
    Hi !

    And welcome in te Blackberry World.

    I love your wallpaper, could you upload it please.
    I don't care about the resolution, i have a priv too.
    If you have any problems, we are here to help you

    Welcome again
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    09-29-18 12:56 PM
  9. nonya10009's Avatar
    I've had my PRIV for 2 years or so. - absolutely love it. important to put another SD card in for more storage - I use the sandisk 128gb, then download exfat to connect it
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    12-07-18 12:12 PM
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