1. Stupified's Avatar
    Has anyone had their battery stop charging over night? This morning I unplugged my phone to just 78 percent charge. This is only the second time I've experienced this since launch so its a bit strange. I'm using the stock charger

    Any ideas?

    Posted via Blackberry "Perv"
    11-16-15 08:13 AM
  2. o4liberty's Avatar
    First time today it stopped at 92% unplugged it then it started to charge again must be a software issue.

    Posted via CB10
    11-16-15 08:38 AM
  3. BriniaSona's Avatar
    My m9 has done this too. Only like ten times since I've owned it though.
    11-16-15 08:49 AM
  4. Stupified's Avatar
    Bumping this thread again. I was hoping the first update would have fixed this issue but I'm occasionally still experiencing this problem. It's strange because it's not consistent. Most nights full charge, some nights 70-80 percent range. I'm wondering if it's an app issue or OS related.

    Anyone else still having this problem?

    Posted via Blackberry "Perv"
    12-14-15 04:05 PM
  5. Frosty_Power's Avatar
    I posted a thread with a similar issue. Most guys thought it might have been my cable I was using as it hasn't happened yet with the cable that was supplied with the Priv, only my aftermarket ones.
    12-14-15 04:24 PM
  6. Stupified's Avatar
    Hmm I find it hard to believe that the USB cable is to blame. Im using the Z30 cable with the Priv charger. But with that said, I guess it's worth a try. I'll see what happens....

    Posted via Blackberry "Perv"
    12-14-15 05:56 PM
  7. LazyEvul's Avatar
    I've had this happen once to me using the stock Priv charger, running the latest OS update. Battery stopped charging around 40 or 50 percent while I was asleep. Fortunately I was spending most of the next day at home, but it's definitely a troubling issue if it stops charging that early.
    12-14-15 05:59 PM
  8. bigcheeba's Avatar
    Alot of my old chargers do not work with the Priv. New usb, and Galaxy cable charge with no issues.

    Posted via the CrackBerry App for Android
    12-14-15 06:00 PM
  9. Taigatrommel's Avatar
    So far I only used the Quickcharge slot of my new multi-USB wallcharger by Aukey and haven't encountered any charging problems yet.

    What I encountered though: The touchscreen sometimes acts up when the device is charging, for example the Hub gesture doesn't work at, as if something is interfering with the touch input.
    12-14-15 06:26 PM
  10. tw1g_007's Avatar
    OP I am pretty sure you have a faulty cable probably. Why not try with a new one? Yours is might be defective if it is inconsistent.

    вιaсĸвεггч ᕵαssρσяτ SE via CB10 (cricket OS вιaсĸвεггч ᕵяiv via CB for Android 2.0.3 (TMo OS Lollipop 5.1.1)
    12-14-15 06:38 PM
  11. kbz1960's Avatar
    Doesn't the Priv come with a cable?
    12-14-15 06:40 PM
  12. szefte's Avatar
    I am hving a similar problem when using priv charger and priv dock - sometimes it us recognized as usb chargin only. Restarting the phone whilst connected to the same charging setup and poof, charging on ac.
    06-07-16 01:05 AM

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