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    My Priv since brand new and through all updates and even changing text app from generic android messenger to Textra paid version still changes the Notification setting sound on text messages from BBM sound to a random number. The number started in the hundreds few months ago and is now around 25,000 lol . I fix it daily usually 15+ times. Very annoying. I bought the priv brand new from Blackberry.com when they had a great boxing week sale. I'm in Canada on Telus network although probably none of that matters.Notifications keeps changing tone on its own-screenshot_20170317-084204.jpg
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    03-17-17 10:56 AM
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    Have you considered a factory restore? I know it can be a pain to set things up again, you may selectively re-install your apps from the playstore (especially those related to messaging) to see where the offending app comes from.
    03-17-17 11:46 AM
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    Are you using custom tones, vs the default tones? If so, copy those to the Notifications and/or Ringtones folder in device storage and reassign them to the apps. There seems to be a bug in maintining the custom tones when they're located on the mSD card.
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    03-17-17 11:50 AM
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    I'm using the BBM factory tone for all messaging. It did this under Android messenger and Textra so I'm guessing its a Priv glitch. The pic i uploaded shows my notification sound at 25517. That was last week. It's now at 26653. It did this right from brand new out of box from Blackberry.com. Since 6am this morning till 1pm now I have fixed it probably 8 times.
    03-20-17 12:09 PM

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