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    I started this topic to clear some things about Andoird, Google Account and Gmail (Google Mail).

    People always think that to use an android phone you need a Gmail account and sometimes they think that the Google Account is Gmail.

    First lets straight things up

    Google Account (No Gmail required)

    If you want to open a new google account you can sign up with your existing email from any dommain (outlook.com, fastmail, etc)
    The Google Account gives you access to the playstore, youtube channel, google calendar, google docs, drive, google maps, and some other services. If you open the account with your existing email address you will have access to these services except Gmail (obviously).
    If you use this method you can setup android with your google account to access apps and some other stuff and then setup your email from the integrated email client (pop, imap, exchange).

    Google Account + Gmail

    This is the standard method to all google users. When you setup a new google account it assingns you a new gmail address. This way you will have everything from Google.

    So, if you already have an email address from other provider and want to access the apps from the playstore you only need to sign up to a google account with your existing email address.
    10-27-15 02:06 PM
  2. BB-JAM215's Avatar
    There's already another thread discussing this.
    10-27-15 02:10 PM
  3. rsrocha's Avatar
    Ok my mistake.
    10-27-15 02:43 PM

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