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    True, but subsidized I think there is a big leap once one goes over $150. I think the highest end Galaxy I saw was 399 with a 2-year contract (this is Canada) which is ridiculous, but good for the early adopters I guess.

    If the Priv can get down to 150-199 on 2-years then perhaps that's ok. I don't think even 299 is terrible as a launch device price, but when people have the perception your products are not good, or specifically with BB,they don't even know they exist, I think the goal should be to get as many into people's hands as possible, as quickly as possible.

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    $100 bucks more then the Passport(an admitted small niche device) doesn't seem bad at all to me for all you get with the Priv.

    Maybe I'm crazy, but it seems fair to me and I put my preorder in the same morning.

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    Yeah, it's actually not entirely outlandish, although the Passport felt like such a 'deal' at the time (because they did do the 'early bird' $100 off thing, which never got removed).

    I'm really just holding out to see if Amazon will sell it. If on the 6th, they made it available on Amazon and did a 'one day only' $100 off (or get a case bundle), I wouldn't hesitate for a second.

    The good thing about this price, is that it probably does allow them to do such things without killing themselves too much.

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