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    Just got a priv, I have been using the new passport for a while now.

    - I would like the left pan t have the hub in it, Samsung uses flipboard for example

    - I think we need a file manager similar to bb10, es file manager is not bad, but the priv needs to come with one. It's not appropriate to have people download a file manager.

    - we need to have a gesture for back using the diagonal swipe bb10 uses for android, makes for faster navigation. Android is not user friendly when it comes to ergonomics, lots of things require you to move you hands to the top of the screen , like the back on the crackberry app, it's so far up I have to change my grip...

    - a swipe up for home would be nice, I had installed an app to mimic that when I was trying out the Samsung edge for a week, made things much easier

    - the hub needs pinch to filter unread, a view attachments option like in bb10 would be great, integrate a right pan for certain shortcut

    To be continued

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    11-12-15 12:04 PM

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