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    After having had my pre order pushed back I decided to order online through carphone warehouse, cancelled my BlackBerry order and was impatiently waiting outside selfridges in London on Sunday.

    First impressions were that they had a dedicated area for the priv but sadly no one to really talk to about it. In all honesty I think we've all done our homework so no biggie there. Couldn't wait to get it home.

    On opening it I have to say I'm very impressed with the build quality. Its not as heavy as the stats would have you believe. I bought the smart flip case whilst I wait for the pouch. I'm fairly accident prone. Secretly I'm waiting for the passport form factor in Android lol.

    The screen is bright, detailed and a great size. The keyboard is taking a little time to adapt to. Been an iphone user for the past year but on the plus side no annoying typos!! Result! I'm typing on it now as I write this.

    I installed all the updates and apps rebooting multiple times to give everything a chance to install properly before signing in to all my accounts. No heating issues as have plagued a lot of people so far. I have a 128gb micro sd card installed. Make sure you erase it from within the phone before loading media etc that way it's formatted optimally for the phone to pick up.

    Battery life has been phenomenal. I've had phone off charge since 4am this morning (early riser) with emails syncing, instagram, Web browsing on the train and a good 3 hours worth of music and also connected to a moto 360 and I've just hit 80%! It's now 2pm.

    Signal strength has been strong over EE and WiFi. Don't let the signal bar fool you. Faster than my iphone with full bar. Locks onto WiFi in deadspots at home I use to struggle with. Voice calls are very clear and no one mentioned tinny or low or static on the other end and like wise.

    I miss the BB10 hub full functionality but have got Gmail and Hotmail synced and my texts etc are all aggregated. Just missing WhatsApp. Instagram coming through as email notification at the moment so not a problem.

    It's nice to have the full armada of apps at our disposal. Not really missing anything from ios. Also have apple music installed and it's pretty good as I can download offline to listen to. Saving me money on Google music and Spotify premium as I'm heavily invested in iTunes and in all honesty like it.

    The phones been pretty smooth. Not as fluid as an iphone but I haven't had any slowdowns which is good. Still needs optimising but good for my needs.

    Minor gripes:
    1. Camera could be quicker to see preview but pic
    quality pretty good in HDR. Not class leading
    but I have a camera for that lol. Best selfie pics
    I have to turn on HDR as well or poor detail.
    2. Not the loudest through a pair of earphones.
    The play music equaliser lowers it further so
    have to set it on flat. Neutron player no
    improvement as well.

    Aside from that a truly awesome phone. Once we have full hub integration the phone will be a force to be reckoned with. Software updates are coming fast so can really see this phone flying at some point.

    Big thumbs up from me.
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    11-16-15 08:30 AM

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