11-17-15 09:54 AM
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    I agree, the lack of Hub functionality is my greatest gripe (particularly lack of whatsapp integration and an in-Hub conversation view and replies rather than opening external apps). However I see no barrier to proper Peek functionality in Android. As mentioned in my thread below there is an app called sidebar with a similar Peek effect (admittedly bezel swipe rather than BB10 gesture to launch) and many apps are able to show the new notification count for any app/message.


    Many of these features can easily be brought over to the Priv, and BlackBerry needs to do this immediately. I still use my Passport as my primary device, because of the lacking BlackBerry features.

    This should have been one of the features that should just be built into Android rather than being a preloaded app. Building it in would allow for BlackBerry to properly utilize the swipe right gesture just as we see utilized on from other Android device manufacturers. This would also most likely allow for the Hub to better integrate with the Android notifications, and possibly fix some lag issues that have been noted. Unfortunately, pinch for unread messages and true peak functionality may not actually be possible on Android.
    11-17-15 09:54 AM
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