1. Danubian's Avatar
    My employer will be migrating to Gmail in a couple of weeks and has designated me as a go-to person for my department. My mail has already been migrated over, but I can only access it through the Gmail app. It isn't a bad app, but not as convenient as having the account in the Hub. All attempts to set it up in the Hub for my Priv gives me an error about authentication not working and that I should check my settings. There was a thread on the forums from someone who had a similar issue. None of the suggestions (verify 2 step authentication is off, etc) have resolved my issue. Is it possible the problem is that the plug hasn't been pulled completely on Exchange? I'm not sure what to try, but I've done what is possible in the manual set up and can't get the account to show up in the Hub. I appreciate your feedback.
    05-19-17 11:35 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    I know that for ours.... those that have been moved to a hosted Gmail Account, we have to manually add the Server info when we setup the accounts on the devices. Because just entering the email address, point back to our internal server which still servers some older email accounts.

    Server should probable be m.google.com then use the assigned Gmail Account info.
    05-19-17 11:53 AM
  3. Danubian's Avatar
    Turns out the 2 step verification is the problem. It was disabled but then explained to me that it can't really be disabled without making me an admin. I'm using the Gmail app, and it's working, but it would be convenient to get all my messages through the Hub.
    05-24-17 10:51 AM
  4. Johnpetter's Avatar
    After a factory reset i have the same issue setting up an icloud account in the hub.
    To activate two step verification for this account i have to do it on an "i-device" .
    Problem is i don't have that device anymore.
    Works in Gmail app, also tested and working in outlook app, but no luck in Hub...
    05-25-17 07:01 AM

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