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    If we have to go through this exclusivity nonsense this is going to be a major disappointment. I can't remember the last time I was this excited for a Blackberry phone to be released and if its not available for my carrier I'm seriously going to be pi$$ed. I've lived with the Z30 not having LTE with AT&T and really hope that something like this doesn't happen again as I would definitely have to pass on buying it. How many of you Verizon customers passed on the Passport because it wasn't available to you and you didn't want to switch carriers? I get way to good of a data plan with AT&T to even think about switching carriers and I'm sure there are many of you in the same boat. I really hope this phone is available to everyone when it launches.
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    09-20-15 09:03 AM
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    It was already leaked that it would be available on all four US carriers.


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    09-20-15 09:17 AM
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    Something like the Moto X Pure would be nice. One phone that can carry any Sim so the exclusivity issues are gone. How often did att users complain they couldn't get wireless charging on their Z30 and how many times have people bemoaned no passport on Verizon? This would feed into the T-Mobile uncarrier model and force att and Verizon to be even more competitive on price and services since people could just swap out a sim and move on. Hopefully the Moto X Pure model is the future for US cell phones.

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    09-20-15 09:18 AM

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