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    10 reasons why the Ubuntu Phone should be your next mobile device - TechRepublic

    5: Security

    Android is based on Linux, so it gains a certain level of inherent security. Ubuntu Phone is even closer to being a straight-up take on the Linux kernel ó and that means even more security. In a time when malware and stolen data have become key issues on many fronts, having a mobile platform as secure as the Linux desktop will go a long, long way toward easing the minds of users.

    How does having a kernel which is more Linux based make a device more secure?

    BlackBerry priv will feature GRsecurity which is a different kernel from all other androids and the phone is marketed a a private and secure android.

    Can anyone help explain?

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    10-07-15 12:56 AM
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    I think the author is going by the fact that current Android kernel is based off Linux kernel version 3.10 and Ubuntu Touch is Linux kernel 3.19 so Ubuntu is 'closer to the source' as far as kernel version goes. Higher kernel versions should have additional security enhancements .

    But its not that simple. Not all kernel code for security will be applicable to mobile. Google is free to backport any code from higher kernel versions into their kernel if they feel its useful. Linux kernels are like cars where you can add parts from many different models and model years so its not a black and white issue as far as security is concerned.

    Edit: Marshmallow is based on Linux kernel version 3.4. Lollipop is based on 3.10. The article you referenced is from 2014.
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