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    I still do not own one yet but will buy it as soon as it is available... I love technology and have been with my Passport since the beginning. I am from a Border town in Texas and can tell you that I am the only one with a Passport on both sides of the Border (Mexico and US).

    So I checked the Priv availability on my AT&T Stores and they all had them in stock @12:01 am, read Blaize review, felt glad, went to sleep and the next day around noon, I did not want to waste any time and decided to go to my nearest AT&T store. Surprise, they were sold out, I know very few units available, but it gets me excited that they were sold. Since when have you guys seen this happen? The manager also told me that people who bought the units were former blackberry enthusiasts who bought an iphone when the Q10 came out... to me this got me excited, don't you guys feel the same way??? They were excited since they never sold 1 single Passport or Classic since they have been on the shelves...

    If IOS and Android users are giving PRIV a shot, why can't we do it? BlackBerry has promised updates, Blaize mentioned that the hub is being updated constantly, I think we can give Priv a chance. I bought the Z30 2 months ago (actually posted about this in the Z30 forums) just for fun and to try it out and it came with 10.2 and never updated to 10.3... the Z30 felt so old, but it reminded me how we waited for BlackBerry to update it's OS and we gave it a chance...

    And yes, I was one of the first ones to Rant about android running on the Priv when the news came out weeks ago...

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    11-07-15 08:32 AM

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