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    I have stuck with BlackBerry through everything. I started out with the World Edition 8830. I remember how jealous everyone was when I pulled that out. I stuck with BB after the iphone and droid phones came out. I had a passport for 2 years. WE8830>Tour>9930>Q10>Passport

    I've reached the end of the line after 9 years. I'm switching to Droid (Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge)

    I just didn't feel like BB cared enough about the LOYAL customer as I would have liked.

    Everytime I saw someone in the airport who said "you still have a blackberry?"... I would defend them until the death.

    They've lost a HUGE loyal customer and crackberry has lost a big viewer (obviously not a huge poster)

    It's sad but BB might as well just hang it up. I was the last out of EVERYONE I knew to have a BlackBerry.

    RIPLeaving BlackBerry after 10+ years-20160625_135910.jpg
    06-25-16 02:16 AM
  2. WaterTower's Avatar
    Why did you decide on the Droid over the PRIV? I'm sure you get that question often

    Posted via the CB App for PRIV
    06-25-16 02:57 AM
  3. zocster's Avatar
    06-25-16 03:11 AM

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