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    So, I've been giving it some thought. The Priv is acceptable as it is, but I think it could be much improved. Here are some things I'd personally like to see.

    #1 - BlackBerry Browser.

    The blackberry 10 browser was amazing. I don't care what other alternatives there are, or if they are technically better, I like the BB10 browser.

    #2 - File Browser

    While not as good as the BB10 browser was, and despite the multiple alternatives, I'd like to see the BB10 file browser added.

    With current file browsers on android, I feel like there are always compromises. Fir example, I can't get OTG to work.

    Just port it over please.

    #3 - Ditch the Hub/Improve productivity edge.

    So this is a big one. The hub is awesome, but nowhere near as good as on BB10. Here is my proposition:

    Make the hub a dedicated email app. While maintaining as many of the options available now as you can.

    Then take the productivity edge, which is currently absolutely useless, and improve that to make it the new HUB. Hell, it even slides from the side, it makes a lot more sense and looks better.

    There is a lot of potential there to be used.

    #4 - Notifications

    Notifications suck on android and are scattered. Please unify them. You have a custom launcher anyway, take advantage.

    #5 - App permissions

    Yes I know they are coming with 6.0. No I don't care. They suck anyway since they spoof data instead of blocking the permission altogether, which means these apps are still sucking down your battery to do these things.

    Make your own version, that's less crappy. Huawei does it with their phones, and if the Chinese can do it, so can you.

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    12-27-15 04:52 PM
  2. Jonneh's Avatar
    Great ideas here.
    For the notifications thing, Android doesn't scatter them, though, so that one confuses me. Android has all your notifications in one central area, accessible from any screen, called the notification panel (or notification shade). It's had it since its inception, but it used to be really clunky and slow. Then Apple incorporated one into iOS too. It's very useful to have everything in one spot like that, under all of the quick toggles.

    The problem with the Priv is that Blackberry has you get notified 3 ways: In the normal Android notification panel, the Hub, and also each app's specific icon on the homescreen. It feels overwhelming for users. Fortunately, this is Android we're talking about, so we can alter it however we see fit. We can choose to not use the Hub if we want. Or, we can change the launcher settings to not have each app's icons use the red notification star, or, we can even install a completely new, customizable launcher instead of using Blackberry's home launcher.
    12-27-15 11:31 PM
  3. John Vieira's Avatar
    Well, notifications are centralized for the main ones, but any extra app either have to support, or it doesn't work.

    What I meant was unified notifications in their own launcher.

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    12-28-15 05:47 PM
  4. vpblaze's Avatar
    I can agree with all your ideas.

    Especially the Productivity Tab. The tab has so much potential. But like you said, its just under utilized. I find myself to keep wanting to use it, but it just doesnt seem to have the flow that it should/could.
    Swiping onto the curved screen feels a lot better then holding the home button down and selecting your Hub icon from the quick settings.

    PERHAPS BlackBerry will make some improvements to it. However, from my experience with the Anroid OS, all the littles gimmicks and features that arent part of the main OS usually get forgotten about and dont see any improvement over time.
    12-28-15 09:35 PM

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