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    All week, I was eager to walk down to the AT&T store and try out the new Priv. When Friday rolled around, the first thing I did was go and see if they had the demo unit ready. I walked in and I saw a huge poster of the Priv. Right below it was a BlackBerry Classic, but unfortunately, there was no Priv demo to be seen. There stand for the Priv was empty.

    The sales representative was very kind and she told me that it would be set up by Saturday. In the meantime, she told me to call another AT&T store nearby to see if they had theirs set up. I thanked her and walked out. When I called the next store, they said that they had the phone in stock but none on display yet.

    On Saturday morning, I walked back to the store. Sure enough, the display still wasn't set up yet. I chatted with the manager and he said that he would set it up just for me after his lunch break. I ran some errands and showed up a few hours later. There it was: The new Priv! I was greeted by the sales rep that I met on Friday, and she said, "It is really beautiful!" She added that she is trying to decide between the Priv and the LG V10 as her next phone.

    The interesting thing that she mentioned was how she is frequently "tested" on how the phones on display work so that she can keep her job. She said that she must be tested only on a certain percentage of phones in the store, and which display did she always skip? Well, the BlackBerry phones, of course. She told me that I am the only one in ages who has ever come in asking about a BlackBerry. I wouldn't be surprised if this is why sales representatives never know about how BB10 works and have little to no knowledge of these phones in general.

    We continued talking about phones and after our pleasant chat, I told her that I would be back in a few days to pick up a Priv.

    I think BlackBerry might be going down the right track with Android. Although the people here might hate Android and think it's too complicated (as I used to believe), there is a much larger population that hates BB10 and thinks that it's too complicated. One of the main reasons why people learned to live with a virtual keyboard was apps, and since BlackBerry has apps now, I think some people might be willing to come back. Sure, it might not be that many, but it will be way more people than if the Priv ran BB10.

    I love BB10, but if BlackBerry wants to get back in the game, they have to go mainstream. Just look at the car industry in the United States as an example. Loads of cars are ditching manual transmissions because the masses buy automatics. There are small groups of automotive enthusiasts (like me) who beg for three pedals, but automakers have a hard time justifying the costs to have a manual transmission go through U.S. government regulations and testing when such a small amount of people will buy them. BlackBerry doesn't have enough BB10 loyalists to justify the costs to continue developing devices that run our beloved OS. Businesses need to stay profitable, and I think we all know what happens to those that aren't.

    My apologies for writing half a book, and thanks for taking the time to read it
    11-07-15 08:12 PM
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    That was awesome! I can't wait for it to come to Verizon!!!!!

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    11-07-15 08:20 PM
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    That was awesome! I can't wait for it to come to Verizon!!!!!

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    Me either. I want to go ahead and pre-order some accessories, but I want to make sure Verizon doesn't change some bs and make cases not fit, or somehow. I'm going to upgrade my z30 and the little brothers z10.

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    11-07-15 08:47 PM

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