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    I just read the post about the upcoming chatbot on BBM and I'm really glad for its development. However, at the same time, a question pops up in my mind: what about deeper integration between bbm and other bb suite apps?

    Bbm is growing independently to all other bb apps, but I believe it would be better and will deliver a more consistent experience for bb user to have bbm integrated fully into other bb apps. Some example:

    1. From the hub, composing new bbm will only work with individual chat, not group chat.
    2. From the hub, selecting a bbm conversation should gives full control about that conversation (copy chat, end chat, delete, view bbm profile etc.) Right now the only option would be to end chat.
    3. Integration between bbm group calendar with bb calendar, bbm group list with bb task and so on.

    That's just some example. There's many others but it seems to me that people just don't pay attention to it.

    Any thought?

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    10-16-16 06:07 AM
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    I'm picking up what you're putting down! :-D
    10-17-16 08:59 AM

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