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    Hey-up, everybody,

    my week old Priv's battery had run out yesterday so I plugged it in some hours later and left it there overnight, which I'd done to my previous Private without any repercussions. Turned it on this morning and found out the Bluetooth pairings had been reset and the clock was showing incorrect time. Moreover, the back cover was randomly heating up and the battery was being drained rather quickly at a two per cent at a time, e.g. from 85 to 83 and so on (aeroplane mode on!). Talk time estimate gradually went up from 2 hours (!) to 7 after a few reboots.

    The phone's a replacement unit I've used for a few days now. The battery used to drain quickly, with about the same 5-7 hour estimates when I'd just got the phone, too, but has actually been quite impressive since I did two full cycles, which leads me to believe its calibrating may have messed up. Any input from the gurus would be appreciated
    11-07-18 04:26 AM
  2. illus1ve's Avatar
    11-09-18 09:03 AM
  3. PHughes's Avatar
    Do you have the time set up to be set automatically from the network? If you do a 32 second reboot, and do not have it set to automatically update the date and time, the time will be off. The same will happen if the battery dies.
    11-09-18 12:38 PM

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