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    I cannot get Google Voice to take dictation when creating a note, or when trying to use it when creating a message, for example.
    I have an older Priv, (that has a cracked screen), so I bought a used Priv as a replacement. On the old Priv, this function works fine. When creating a note or creating a text message, the speaker icon is green. But on the new Priv, after clicking on the small speaker on the bar, the large speaker icon appears in black color and will not respond at all when clicked. It very quickly seems to switch to green then turns back to black. In Settings->Language & Input, "Google voice typing" is set to Automatic. Also, I've tryed to mimic the settings from my older Priv and all seems to be the same on the new Priv. No joy. Pls help. thanks.
    06-21-18 08:58 AM

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