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    The spy in your pocket: Researchers name data-slurping mobe apps ? The Register

    The article states:
    On average, the Android apps they tested shared "potentially sensitive" data to 3.1 third-party domains, while iOS apps connected to 2.6 third-party domains.

    Here are the kinds of sharing that happen:

    Name and e-mail address each shared by 73 per cent of Android apps tested, compared to 16 per cent of iOS apps.
    Location iOS apps were worse, with 47 per cent of the apps sharing location data versus 33 per cent of Android apps.
    Health three out of 30 "medical, health and fitness" apps shared search terms and user inputs with third parties.

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    11-05-15 12:51 PM
  2. jas1978's Avatar
    What about BlackBerry apps?

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    11-05-15 12:54 PM
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    Isn't this why DTEK was added? Hope Google didn't work around it and keep their apps sending all location data etc. to Mountain View.


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    11-05-15 01:45 PM
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    What about BlackBerry apps?
    Native BB10 apps can have permissions approved/denied on 100% of BB10 devices. On Android, you can only do this with Android 6.0, which is installed on ~25% of global devices IIRC.
    11-05-15 02:11 PM
  5. The Big Picture's Avatar
    Note to everyone who says google android only shaes "anonymous" info.

    This article clearly shows sometimes apps gain data which is NOT ANONYMOUS.

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    11-05-15 03:38 PM

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