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    They are the recent contacts that are shown when composing/forwarding mail under "to" and above "Cc".
    In my case they are either old or faulty emails. Would have been logical to press and hold them and either edit or permanently delete them/disable this feature all together. Is there a way to delete/disable/edit Recent Contacts?
    01-03-16 07:50 AM
  2. RS81's Avatar
    hi have you found a solution to this?
    03-17-16 08:18 AM
  3. Pinot2015's Avatar
    Go into Contacts app > Settings> Recent Contact Mgt > then ban the emails you no longer want.

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    03-17-16 08:23 AM
  4. RS81's Avatar
    Except there are thousands ...no way just delete them all ?

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    03-17-16 09:28 AM
  5. WT44's Avatar
    Go into Contacts app > Settings> Recent Contact Mgt > then ban the emails you no longer want.

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    Except there are thousands ...no way just delete them all ?

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    Just wondering how this is coming along.
    Will this be dealt with in an upcoming update of the hub?
    It's still not very user friendly.

    Going to contacts like Pinot suggested and then settings>recent contacts management and then banning certain e-mail addresses does not always work.

    I still see a banned contact being suggested as one of the two contacts under "to" in the hub.
    I also still see that contact when I manually start writing an E-mail address that starts with the same letter.

    On top of that, when banning contacts does work (meaning they don't show any longer as one of the two suggested contacts under: "to"), it gets replaced with some obscure contact of some customer service I have ordered a book with 10 years ago or similar contacts that I hardly send messages to? You have no influence as to which of the thousands of contacts replaces a banned contact. The hub chooses for you.

    Like rs81 also says, you cannot ban more than 1 contact at a time. But I have more than thousand cntacts too.

    - Can you guys make this all more user friendly?
    Maybe let people choose themselves which 2 contacts they want to show permanently under: "to"?
    And there is so much more room for more than 2 contacts as it is. At least 2 or 3 extra will fit? Maybe even 10 (on 2 lines) max, if one chooses to want to have 10 pre-suggested contacts.

    Or maybe even an option to turn-off the 2 suggested contacts all together if you want to do so?

    Also, when I manually start writing an E-mail address, it still suggests a banned contact. And on top of that, it also shows all kinds of nonsense "contacts" (customer service of some newspaper I haven't got a subscription any longer for over 10 years) that I prefer to never see there no matter what.

    I hope there will be some improvement soon on how the software deals with these matters.
    05-16-16 05:03 PM
  6. Sigewif's Avatar
    I am wondering if these contacts got imported from my Email addresses from long ago. When I opened contacts after setting up the hub (several months ago) there are ones that are obsolete and I wanted to remove them. But after I "deleted" them they showed back up. I have some, for example, in a Google account I used for communication during a specific project which was completed about 9 years ago. The contacts are most likely not even the correct emails for those people and they are people I do not have contact with now. I could not delete them. I eventually gave up because it was futile to spend time deleting them and then see them again. So I don't know if this has been fixed.
    Regarding the OP's email addresses, I think that one way some of those obscure ones from news papers etc. get into our address books are from old settings on the online email accounts that automatically saved the contact if you opened it or replied to it. Yahoo, among other tinkered a lot with their email settings and I have had an account through the changes that I still use. Then these automatically import with the email address.
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    05-16-16 06:30 PM
  7. vapo's Avatar
    Hello, just joined the forum!
    Is there any interest around on this issue???
    WT44 remarks are still valid 18 months later... and apply also for new KeyONE!
    May be there is a post with a solution in another thread?
    I've even read a post of a poor guy keeping having the old adress of a dear person dead coming up!!!
    Come on BlackBerry!!!
    01-11-18 09:59 AM
  8. RLeeSimon's Avatar
    Hub outgoing now puts up overlay of 3 of my own emails in To: dialog... does BlackBerry have to break things?
    09-08-18 08:02 PM
  9. Priv4U's Avatar
    I think all the good phone software engineers at BlackBerry have been let go for some time now. By the looks of the recent updates it would appear that who ever is servicing (updating) BlackBerry apps are probably software engineers from the bottom of the barrel. Most of the latest updates from my experience on my PRIV appears to have some forms of glitches?
    09-12-18 11:13 PM
  10. smbdysm1's Avatar
    I have noticed with a (recent) update, that the Recent Contact Mgt option is now gone, but when you go to start an email and the suggestions pop up, you can just swipe each suggestion to delete them (or "add to banned list" as it says). I just typed "a" and then swiped about 30 email addresses that for some reason exist on my phone. So PROBLEM SOLVED

    Of course, that brings up the next query; where is the banned list, and what if I accidentally put an email on it? That I do not know, as trying to figure that out is actually what brought me to the thread. If you find an answer, please let me know!
    12-06-18 10:34 AM

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