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    Hey guys. I was doing some experimentation with different apps on my Priv, in order to try and get the most out of a charge. I've found that as far as the hub goes, I use less battery over the course of the day, if I simply leave it open, rather than closing it each time. The system must use more power to open the app, than it does to keep it open.

    Anyone else found this, or any other app tweeks?

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    06-01-16 01:27 PM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    Leaving apps open, all of them, has been suggested. Thereby enabling Android to manage memory on its own and not wasting both time and power on reopening apps over and over.

    That does not mean that _I_ am not tempted to close certain apps so they are not doing whatever in the background like ET calling home!!!
    06-01-16 02:41 PM

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