When in Hub, and I tap the Compose Button, I then select "text message", I then select the contact I want to text. Instead of going of sending me to the proper contact to a text, it sometimes goes directly the messaging app and the previous text message I was having with a completely different person. So I have to hit the back button, and start over. Why would it send me to the messaging app and not hub messaging? And why does it send me to a different contact's existing thread?

    Does anyone else have this issue?


    05-05-16 06:28 AM
  2. FF22's Avatar
    I THINK that there may not be a 'standard' Text/message app so you might want to say which Messenger you use. For instance, my Verizon Priv uses (by default, maybe it could be changed) its own Message app.
    05-05-16 09:06 AM

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