1. Dconn1975's Avatar
    So I have always used screen protectors and I have a Skinomi liquid skin screen protector set to arrive today. I'll have to wet install it as I've used a few Skinomi in the past and it's impossible to dry install them. Anyone else using a screen protector on their PRIV?
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    06-22-17 03:02 AM
  2. John Vieira's Avatar
    I used the skinomi screen protectors on my PRIV. they're fantastic, you'll love it.
    06-22-17 03:21 AM
  3. FF22's Avatar
    Ghost Armor professionally installed. It is liquid and they were generous - I had a hard time watching!!!! But they also have a warming/fan box after to speed up the drying.

    Apply in a bathroom where you have steamed it up to reduce dust.
    06-22-17 09:15 AM
  4. vincenzoderose's Avatar
    i used skinomi and others but edge is a problem. the skinomi is good but not is oleofobic . now i use neveq tempered glass and i prefer. used a nano liqud and no is good.
    06-22-17 09:31 AM
  5. newcollector's Avatar
    I use a Stouch 3D glass protector. If put on carefully, it doesn't allow dust and doesn't negatively affect touch sensitivity.
    06-22-17 10:18 AM
  6. NightFire's Avatar
    I use the Flip Case with mine, but no protector. Amazingly, no scratches. I do baby the hell out of my phones, though.
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    06-27-17 05:48 AM
  7. neoberry99's Avatar
    I use the Flip Case with mine, but no protector. Amazingly, no scratches. I do baby the hell of my phones, though.
    I was the same as you until I got a sleeve. I love it. I thought i would drop the phone lot but I don't. The phone has good grip. Just get a screen protect and sleeve..... You won't regret it
    06-27-17 09:35 AM
  8. myloch's Avatar
    No screen protection: I'm really a person with potato manual skills so I kept original film protection and I got a flip cover (by Keledes)
    06-28-17 10:30 AM
  9. gqmovement's Avatar
    Tried, but they never sat nice. Been naked since and in about 1.5 year have had 1 Crack - due to a bachlore party. Outside of that, the screen held up nice
    06-28-17 10:32 AM
  10. TLSTWIN's Avatar
    I have invisible shield and blackberry flip case. I tried the blackberry sleeve, but had a hard time getting the phone out with one hand. Always had to use two hands so I wouldn't drop it.
    06-28-17 06:37 PM
  11. Nathan Conley's Avatar
    I do not use a screen protector or a case. I do baby my phones, even though I use it heavily. I simply find the phone to have great grip with the back material, and the curved edges. Gorilla Glass 4 has left me with zero scratches (not even fine ones).
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    06-28-17 07:10 PM
  12. maxideus's Avatar
    +1 for Ghost Armor! I never had any issues, only with the occasional edge lifting, but that is replaceable for $10 at any Ghost Armor kiosk when it finally gets irritating.
    06-29-17 12:06 AM
  13. Spinal's Avatar
    Debated on a screen protector, had one on my Q10 which worked well.

    But since Oct 2016 my phone has been without a case, or screen protector and is still in the same condition. Gorilla Glass 4 is great, no screen protector needed. While I am careful with my phone, I have not 'babied' it per se.

    I also keep my phone in my pocket by itself, never with keys or anything.
    06-29-17 12:58 AM
  14. Sigewif's Avatar
    I gave up on using a screen protector. I tried for a while but they didn't sit right and pealed up on the edges. Then I went over to using a flip case.
    06-29-17 03:34 AM

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