1. nomloj's Avatar
    I've run across two situations on my Priv that I don't know how to solve other than a reboot. The first time, I mistakenly "called" voicemail. The phone went into my pocket, then the female voice is asking for my voicemail pin. I bring out the phone, see the dialer open and, as I hadn't meant to dial it, closed out of the dialer and locked the phone. No more voices asking for pin. I get in my car, arrive at destination 23 minutes later, I tap my phone and the notification says I've been online with voicemail all this time and still ticking away. I clicked the phone icon, says I'm not connected. I clicked the square icon, says nothing's running. I restarted the phone. Checked my available minutes. Lost 23 minutes out of my 100 minute monthly allocation.

    Priv gets an update.

    Next run in... my daughter was watching VLC Player, which crashed (error message says VLC crashed). I closed out of all apps via the square. Audio from the video is still ongoing. On the Passport, it doesn't take more than 5 seconds for the audio to die out so I tried opening VLC Player again. VLC doesn't open and doesn't show as opened with the square. I waited five minutes to see if the audio would die out and it doesn't. Concluded is VLC is still running in the background somewhere. I end up rebooting the phone.

    My question... how do I "kill -9" an app if it doesn't show up as a running up even though I can hear/see effects of it running? When in BB10, I never had this issue; if I don't see it on the list, it ain't running in any noticeable way. Is there a way for me to see/kill these processes without rebooting?
    12-07-15 11:17 AM
  2. darkehawke's Avatar
    Audio can play sometimes with the app closed.
    it will show as a notification and can be killed off there too.
    Ongoing calls will also be shown in the notification bar and i think you click on it to reenable the app and then hang up. i believe that exists so that you can do stuff on your phone without hanging up accidentally on the other person
    12-07-15 11:28 AM
  3. howarmat's Avatar
    you can do this with many apps. Easiest way is to long press the app and then drag to "app info" then click force stop. That will kill the app completely
    12-07-15 11:29 AM
  4. nomloj's Avatar
    Ah, ok. Didn't know about the App Info tab at the top left. Tried a few apps and everything I've clicked on shows Force Stop in bold until I stop the process (with warning about app possibly misbehaving). Learned something new. Thanks!
    12-07-15 11:43 AM

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