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    Hi Crackberry'ers!

    I just upgraded from my Q10 to the PRIV.. trying to figure out all the device transfer stuff and I used the "Content Transfer" program or app at first, but I think it did not get everything from my Q10, mainly the stuff that was saved on the SIM card.

    I see that BlackBerry Blend seems to be for transferring from a BB10 device to another BB10 device, and BlackBerry Link seems to be for BB10 to PC only.

    How do I get the stuff off my SIM card????

    I got a new nano SIM but have not told my carrier to activate it yet as I am worried they will basically zap the old Micro Sim in my Q10 and it will basically be useless after I tell them to activate the new nano SIM.

    Hope I am explaining properly, if you can help please respond or you can PM me, user name UnknownCrack.

    05-21-16 11:22 AM
  2. raino's Avatar
    I'm not sure if this won't wipe the contacts you have already transferred to the Priv, so try this if you're OK with needing to re-transfer the local contacts on your BB10 phone. I also don't know if you can do selective content transfers using the method you're using.

    1. On your BB10 phone, open the Contacts "app"

    2. Menu (the three horizontal lines)>SIM>Long press on any one contact you want to save>Select More from the emerging menu>Copy to>Local Contacts.

    The above step should merge (copy) your SIM card contacts to your phone storage. From this, you can do the transfer thing again, if you like.
    05-21-16 12:56 PM

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