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    I imported photos from my Priv to my laptop via USB after I installed the BlackBerry Android USB and Tether Drivers (Windows). I went through all the pictures after the import and was surprised to find photos that I had deleted from my device were imported to my laptop. Some of the photos were recently deleted and some are many months old.

    How does this happen? I searched the device itself, and I can't find these deleted photos in any folder. Where are they stored? When I take a picture, the default is for the camera to save it to internal storage. They are not in the "Trash" folder of the camera app, or anyplace else that I can find.
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    10-24-17 10:36 AM
  2. Spahnderosa's Avatar
    Can I mark this solved for myself? I kept looking and I finally found where all the deleted pictures are on my device. I found them in the DCIM.thumbnails file.
    10-24-17 12:20 PM

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