1. MomMom222's Avatar
    I have the new blackberry priv, and want to use the ringtone (red alert mp3) that I have used for years on all my previous phones, but have absolutely no idea how to do It on this phone. Can someone please help me out!? Many thanks in advance!
    12-07-18 04:37 AM
  2. PRIVuser2018's Avatar
    Assuming that you downloaded it from a mobile browser:
    Go into the Downloads app, long press the mp3 to select it, then click the 3 dots in the top right, click "Copy to...". Go to internal storage (you may need to click the 3 lines on the top right), scroll to and click Ringtones, then click copy.

    Now when you go to select a ringtone in Settings->Sound & Notifications ->Phone ringtone, you should see the option in the list.
    12-07-18 10:14 AM
  3. JHBrandt's Avatar
    Bumping this thread because the above instructions did not work for me. Nothing I put into Internal Storage / Ringtones, or into Internal Storage / Notifications, would show up to be selected!

    Background: My Priv is an unlocked AT&T model with the latest OS update (AAQ289) for that model. I had installed a 16 GB SD card but hadn't used it.

    What finally did work for me was putting the files at sdcard / media / audio / ringtones (or notifications). I have no idea why that's the only path that seems to work on my phone, but as long as it works, I guess that's what I'll use!

    Found a YouTube video that suggested an alternate location: Internal Storage / Android / media / com.google.android.talk / Ringtones (or Notifications), which sounded reasonable because there's already an .ogg file in each. But it didn't work for me either.

    The video also claimed .mp3 files would not work; only .wav. That was incorrect. On my phone at least, .mp3, .ogg, and .wav files all work, as long as I use that specific path.
    12-05-19 09:15 AM

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