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    I have set my settings on Aps to save to the SD card, but they are still saving to the internal memory. I am almost out of space. I only have 1game for the kids! (In other words, I haven't put a whole lot on the phone, yet.) I have no idea how to save pictures to the SD card. Help, please!

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    04-16-16 11:10 PM
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    The Camera app has settings that allow you to change where pictures are stored.

    As I wrote in another thread, I don't believe all apps can be saved/installed to an sd-card. Primarily it may be up to the developer. There are some 3rd party apps that MAY be able to change that but, again, probably not in all cases.

    You can also move your photos out of Internal Memory to the card. You might also want to archive them to computer in some cases and remove them from the phone. Also, where are you storing other media, like music or videos.
    04-16-16 11:56 PM
  3. zyad's Avatar
    The camera has a setting to save Pics and videos to the card.
    Non - system apps can be moved to rhevSD card under settings - apps for each app. Time consuming but works. The caveat is that after each app is updated the new version will be saved in local storage again and has to be moved again.
    Marshmallow has an option during setup to use the card as an extension of the device memory to enlarge it, but the negative is that you won't be able to pop the card out and put it in a PC to access the files directly. Plus you risk losing stuff if the card gets corrupted and you need a very fast card in that mode.
    Someone can correct me if I got anything wrong.

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    04-16-16 11:58 PM
  4. cadoll's Avatar
    Thank you so much for your help! I knew if I posted the question, you would come to my rescue!

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    04-17-16 12:13 AM

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