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    I had hoped that by the time my contract was being renewed the Z30 an excellent phone would have been upgraded but we got the Leap which for me on paper seems like a step backwards. Yes it has a 5" screen and larger battery to boot but the Z10 has an amoled screen with greater clarity and longevity. Add to that the fact that the Priv is running a similar android platform to the Galaxy S6 which has a proven track record and can be sourced for less it makes me wonder who this device will appeal to. I have been a BB user for several years and currently have a Z10 due for upgrade and unless the Priv is offered at a better rate I'm not willing to "side-grade" to either a leap or Classic especially not a Classic as I've come to love the touchscreen on my Z10 and the viewing aspect it affords
    10-21-15 06:43 PM
  2. dbmalloy's Avatar
    As the Priv is a "new" flagship device with high end specs.. it is priced accordingly... had they made a mid range device I could see the OP point but they are not... it is a major jump spec and OS wise on the Priv from a z30... as the old adage goes.. you get what you pay for...in this case it is the "bleeding Edge"..... so expect to bleed...
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    10-21-15 06:53 PM
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    I got a decent deal at CPW. However, check out some online deals. Vodafone were doing some decent deals too.
    11-14-15 04:18 PM
  4. ruhban's Avatar
    Try calling them and asking an actual person for the best deal they could do for you. They'll usually try their best unless they're a horrible person

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    11-14-15 04:26 PM

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