1. ss109nato's Avatar
    I use flip cover case with my priv.
    The case is not from BBshop.
    I tried some apps to make screen off when I close cover,
    but nothing worked.

    Can I do that with original setting? or using the other app?
    06-16-16 07:02 AM
  2. bluetroll's Avatar
    You need to find out where the magnet is. Then put one on the case flap.

    Posted via the CrackBerry App for Android
    06-16-16 07:10 AM
  3. ss109nato's Avatar
    I do not use BB official flip case. So it doesn't have magnet.
    Can I use proximity sensor to screen off?
    06-16-16 07:23 AM
  4. bcjci's Avatar
    Yes you can if you use the Tasker app.

    In Tasker, create a "State Profile" for Sensor/Proximity (default state that triggers an action is Near; use Invert to specify a Midrange/Far trigger state), then specify the task(s) you want to perform - e.g. System Lock.
    06-16-16 02:35 PM

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