1. belarkan's Avatar
    Hi, all,

    i just got a Priv to replace my Passport, and there is one feature that i'm really missing:

    The ability to reject all calls except those in contacts through the security menu.

    How could i achieve this on Android without having to install an external app ressource_hog_ads_ridden? (i would even pay for this feature of course)

    Thanks for your advices
    04-06-17 03:26 PM
  2. Wezard's Avatar
    Don't think you can, not without changing to a different phone app, (and I don't know which one(s) might do this).
    Or using a call block app, such as Mr Number. Do a search here for call blocking, there are a few that are not resource hogs, and the only time you see an add is when you open the app, or pay buck or two to get rid of adds.

    Personally, I'm happy with Mr Number, though every once in a while it lets a blocked number ring through, but not often, maybe once every other month. And I can't tell that it's using any resources, obviously it has to use some.
    04-06-17 06:21 PM
  3. docfreed's Avatar
    Does Mr Number block texts also
    04-07-17 05:53 AM
  4. Wezard's Avatar
    Yes, at least I'm pretty sure it does, I've never turned that on, as I have no need for it. It has a bunch of known telemarketer #'s preprogrammed, and any unknown call will give you the option to see some info about it and report it, or read what others have reported. There's also an option to block any call that has the caller ID blocked. You can block numbers in your contact list if you want to.
    It does give about a half a ring when blocking, which I like, cuz I know a call has been blocked and can look at it, at my convenience. And, as I stated above, on rare occasions, it just fails to block. It may not be the best out there, but it's the first one I tried, and I haven't seen the need to start trying others.
    04-07-17 06:40 AM
  5. belarkan's Avatar
    Thanks for the replies, after some testing, i've bought Calls Blacklist Pro, simple and slick, can block texts too, there is a notification icon to enable/disable the filtering.

    Now, i miss only one thing: on BB all unknown callers were rejected without the user even knowing someone called (i guess it was embedded in the kernel), with the few apps that i've tried, the phone will ring once, then the ap will intercept the call.
    There is an option to disable calls logs just so they don't appear in the hub tho
    04-07-17 04:11 PM

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