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    Just bought a new priv and I am failing. Hard.

    I do not want a gmail account but cannot seem to connect my yahoo.ca account to my hub. It can't connect to the server. Does anyone know how to fix this?

    Also, is there a way to clear up the clutter? Am I able to delete excess apps/functions (eg weather) I don't use?

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    07-11-16 09:38 PM
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    I'm on BB10, but my Yahoo.ca settings are:
    Server Address: rim.imap.mail.yahoo.ca, Port 993, SSL
    SMTP Server Address: rim.smtp.mail.yahoo.ca, Port 465, SSL
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    07-11-16 11:01 PM
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    First, I believe in order to acquire any software/apps from the Google Playstore you will probably need a Google account. But you do not have to setup the Gmail app. And you can probably ignore the gmail account if you don't want to use it.

    Hopefully, you were able to setup your Yahoo account with the info that was posted. I don't think I did anything special to setup my Yahoo email account but it is not a Canadian account.

    And definitely come back with any more questions.

    WELCOME to Crackberry.
    07-11-16 11:30 PM
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    Also, is there a way to clear up the clutter? Am I able to delete excess apps/functions (eg weather) I don't use?
    Settings, (slide two fingers down from top of screen, then tap the gear looking thing, upper right).
    Tap Apps to open
    Tap the app you want to get rid of, you will have one of two options, uninstall or disable.
    Most of the apps that came with the phone cannot be uninstalled, but they can be disabled. If disabled they will still be in memory, but won't appear on any of the home screens or menu screens, no icons. They will only appear under settings - apps - either all or disabled column.

    You can also uninstall by holding finger on icon till uninstall appears at top of screen, then, without lifting finger, slide icon to uninstall. I can't remember if this will work for disabling, I think yes.

    One of the first things I did was disable a lot of 'stuff',including Gmail.
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    For yahoo check into two factor authentication.
    07-12-16 11:26 PM

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