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    I've had my Priv for almost a week now, and just finished setting everything up the way I like it. I have 3 Gmail accounts and they were all initially added and working in the hub with no major issues. Starting yesterday sometime during the day, all my Gmail accounts stopped syncing or receiving new mail. On WiFi or LTE. Gmail app is working fine when I enable sync there. Tried removing and adding the accounts several times both in hub and in android settings with no luck.
    I DO NOT want to factory reset my device and start from scratch, so any feedback (especially from BlackBerry) would be greatly appreciated!

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    11-15-15 02:14 PM
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    Search is your friend


    Have to reset to factory

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    11-15-15 02:35 PM
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    Another trying to settings, apps, hub, clear the data and cache, some guys have reported success. Also make sure you are using the newest hub

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    11-15-15 02:40 PM
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    Thanks - tried that as well with no luck. Guess I'll have to find a good backup program - I hve always used Titanium Backup, but it requires root.
    11-15-15 02:43 PM
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    Interesting - I had read your post and not used Content Transfer to move my accounts. But I DID recently use the content transfer app to re-transfer my contacts and I do have a non-deletable text in my hub, perhaps this is part of the issue.
    11-15-15 02:45 PM
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    OK, managed to get everything back syncing! Here is what I did..

    1. Removed all GMail accounts from HUB
    2. Removed all Google accounts from Android settings (except for the primary)
    3. Re-added Google accounts in Android settings and allowed them to sync
    4. Re-added GMail accounts in HUB and allowed them to sync
    5. They synced!
    6. Debated how many syncing options to uncheck....
    11-15-15 03:09 PM
  7. Scott Fleurie1's Avatar
    Good work, any inputs are helpful, just got off the phone with priv tech support, talk about useless

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    11-15-15 03:42 PM

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