1. Majin23's Avatar
    When i try to swipe on the hardware keyboard while in chrome to scroll up or down, the scroll speed is way to fast - im always at the top or bottom of the whole page again.

    I have to be very very carefully to only scroll a bit.

    Is there a sensitivity setting for the scrolling ?
    12-16-15 05:58 AM
  2. Mark Cullum's Avatar
    Which version of the Chrome browser are you running? There was an issue fixed in Chrome close to the device launch time, which caused scrolling to behave as you describe. You'd actually see similar behaviour using an external mouse with a scrollwheel; the app is acting on the synthesized mouse scroll wheel events that are generated as a fallback if it doesn't directly handle the touchpad events.

    I can't recall the first version with the fix, but several updates have been released since then. I'm running 47.0.2526.83 right now, updated a few days ago.

    12-16-15 07:46 AM
  3. Majin23's Avatar
    After i upgraded to the latest Version the problem went away
    12-17-15 03:06 AM

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