1. PauloPImenta's Avatar
    What are your thoughts on GSM Arena review? After read it I have mixed feelings. What about you?

    Posted via CB10
    12-10-15 07:36 AM
  2. donnation's Avatar
    Without even reading it if there is anything negative in the review then the writer should be stripped of their job as they are a liar and biased against Blackberry.
    12-10-15 07:37 AM
  3. Mark Sb's Avatar
    The review is really detailed and showed no bias. I appreciate that...better than these video blogging asshats who pick up the phone for 2 minutes and ramble on about all of their ocd issues.
    12-10-15 08:08 AM
  4. crucial bbq's Avatar
    Wait, no, this review clearly states that BlackBerry has a specific target audience with the Priv that includes executives, the security conscious, and BlackBerry users. Every CrackBerry user knows that is pure BS as the Priv is meant to be a 100% consumer's device hands down.

    That was one of the better, unbiased, reviews of the Priv that I have read; good job. I do find it interesting that there is some sort of BlackBerry meme that goes around with each release. I mean, with BB10 every reviewer felt the burning need to mention the poor ecosystem whether the review was in 2013 or in 2015. Now with the Priv the meme seems to be along the lines of "BlackBerry's last stand", which I think would reinforce the idea with some that BlackBerry is either already dead or soon may just be. Obviously, such a line will impact a few sales but what really irks me is that we all know that statement is simply not true. Something such as "The Priv is BlackBerry's last chance to make it right with handsets, but even if it falters the company itself has strong investments in MDM, IoT, and auto" would at least instill some confidence that the company is not going to magically disappear 6 months from now.
    12-10-15 09:17 AM

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